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Confidentiality Statement

The safety and wellbeing of our patients is always our top priority

Your clinic notes are used solely by sexual health services. No other health care professionals have access to them.

All information, including test results, remain confidential within the clinic. Information is not passed on to anyone else without your permission. This includes your GP and any past or present sexual partners. However, if your GP has referred you to the clinic with a referral letter, we will write back to your GP to let him or her know the outcome of your attendance.

We aim to provide a confidential service to all our patients but it may not be always be in your best interests to do so

For example, we may need to discuss your attendance with other care providers outside of the clinic if we believe that you may be at risk of harm to yourself, or to others. In such circumstances we would always do our very best to talk to you first about why we feel that this is necessary.

Under 16s

If you are under 16 you will be asked a few questions by our team, if we feel you are at risk we have a duty of care to make sure you are safe. This may include telling other agencies about your attendance. If we feel this is necessary we will let you know (this does not mean we will tell your parents/ guardian).

If you are under 13 we can provide sexual health services for you but we have a duty of care to inform other services of your attendance. If you have any questions regarding the confidentiality of our services please contact a member of the team.