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Fertility Awareness Method

The fertile and infertile times of the menstrual cycle are identified by noting the different fertility indicators.

The 3 indicators are body temperature, cervical secretions and position of your cervix.

By using these indicators and calculating how long your cycle lasts will enable you to work out when you can have sex without risking a pregnancy



  • No physical side effects
  • Offers a greater awareness of your body and menstrual cycle
  • Can be used to help plan a pregnancy, as well as to avoid one


  • Need to avoid sex/use condoms at fertile times of the cycle
  • It can take several cycles to learn effectively; making it more difficult if you have an irregular cycle
  • You must keep daily records of your fertility indicators
  • No protection against STI’s on the days when it is safe for you to have unprotected sex (non fertile times)


  • It requires considerate commitment by you and your partner
  • There are different fertility apps to help you record your indicators available; with more research needed into their effectiveness
  • Persona is a device that predicts your fertile days and if used correctly can be 94% effective

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